Hodaka World, —January 1st 2018,  Happy New Year to all in the Hodaka Family.    WE ARE Here READY TO RECEIVE ORDERS,  ANSWER QUESTIONS OR JUST BENCH RACE ” HODAKA. ”   GIVE US A CALL—-1–208–571–2823,  OR E-MAIL  INFO  byret208@hotmail.com. We are going to make little change to the company name to try and keep miss information from happening.  Our new name will be as follows;  HODAKAPARTSIDAHO.COM, please take note of this change.  Effective right away.

  We want to take this moment to welcome Terry Larson the new owners of  HODAKA-PARTS.INC of Union, Missouri.  Terry has been involved with Hodakas all his life, Terry,s father was a Hodaka Dealer for many, many years in the mid west. Terry owns  one  of the most respected Hodaka racing teams, in the US., Two Brothers Racing all on Hodakas, they have several championships under their belts.  Its exciting to see a new face to the  Hodaka parts world. This new company is going to be a real asset.  Stay tuned, its going to be big.  They are acquiring all new phone numbers for the shop now, as well as finishing up the job of getting all the parts and pieces put up in their proper place so they can begin business right away.  Watch for opening notifications everywhere.  Give them a try.

Bruce Young


GIVE US A CALL HODAKAPARTSIDAHO.COM—-1–208–571–2823,  OR E-MAIL  INFO  byret208@hotmail.com.





 We specialize in ACE 90 and ACE 100 pre-owned parts and pieces, saving lots of  money when doing a rebuild. Give us a call  1–208–571–2823.  We also have some new and used for other models, so don’t hesitate to call and ask a question.  If we don’t have an item we will suggest to you other person’s  whom might, as part of our service to the Hodaka World.  If you just need Hodaka Info please call also, I am sure we can find you answer to your question.

 Please call 1–208–571–2823, we are ready to help you.

      Thank you in advance for your support !

Hello,  Hodaka World,  this our new updated web site.  As time permits we will be adding new pictures, videos to view and basic Hodaka info parts for you to use.  We want this to be you go to site for all Hodaka questions.  We will be adding “how to” pages as well as other info as it becomes available.

If you need parts and pieces right now please contact us a e-mail= byret208@hotmail.com or phone  1–208–571–2823, if we don’t answer right away please leave a message we will get back to ASAP.  Please give us engine and frame numbers and if possible part numbers of what you need.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Sorry to take so long to get back on line.