Wiring Diagrams Hodaka, Trade marked cannot be copied and sold. Enjoy.

SCAN 1—-Hodaka Magneto/Alternator Wiring.

Scan 1B—125 Wombat Ign Circuit only wiring info.

SCAN 2—-100  Super Rat

SCAN 3—-ACE 90

SCAN 4—-ACE 100 wiring diagram with lites,

Scan 4B—-Actual reference picture of ACE 100  Ign.

SCAN 4C—-ACE 100 with opt items listed

SCAN 5—-125 Super Combat

Scan 5B—-125 Alternator/stator type wiring info

SCAN 6—-125 Wombat wiring dia with lites

Scan 6B—-94/94A Wombat info

SCAN 7—-Dirt Squart wiring

Scan 7B—-Rear brke switch wiring and mtg info

SCAN 8—-OHM info.

Scan 8B—-Ign Timing info all models