Hodaka, Schematics and Parts List, Early & Late, & ACE 90 Race parts

Here you will find Hodaka Motorcycles Schematics and Parts List Manuals, including one for the Racing Parts for an ACE 90 back in the day.

Please note we are adding new schematics, ie parts pictures and numbers pages from different eras of the models to let you see what changes where made on the Hodaka,s as the years went on.  We will start with the ACE ,s for now.  Refer to the modification charts for years, frame and engine numbers of changes as reference.  Please, very important our fried Terry Larson of Hodaka-parts INC will be able to help with some of these diff parts, but as some the supplies of the items run out there may not me restocking of these obsolete or changed items, just be aware, if the part you are looking for is one of the obs items, once gone from inventories the part may not be reproduced.  Thanks for understanding.  Bruce Young

***Note these are PDF files. **Click on Specific Model to view.

ACE 90 rectangular tail lite schematics and info ACE 90 Rectangular tail light info

ACE 90 “A” early ace 90 parts info; very early ACE 90 schematics.

ACE 90″B” late ace 90 info, schematics 

ACE 90 Racing Parts Schematics ,    Ace 90 Racing Parts

ACE 100–and ACE 100 B, Please note this group of Schematics shows what (*) optional items are on the, pages many items are different than other Schematics out there, there are things shown on these pages and numbers listed that were the early changes made by Hodaka, most are shown in the Modification list,s

ACE 100

ACE 100 B–orginal posted pages. see below pages if you do not see your exact part that you have on your ACE 100 B

ACE 100 B—–These are new pages that have items shown as optional items

ACE 100B+

Hodaka 100 Dirt Squad

Hodaka 125 Combat Wombat

Hodaka 125 Super Combat

Hodaka 125 Wombat

Hodaka 125

Super Rat 100MX

Thank You Terry Larson, of Hodaka-parts inc, Missouri, for sharing this info with the Hodaka World.