All New Hodaka J & J Engineering high performance pipes

Great  news;  all new pipe manufacture and making pipes available for Hodaka.

Suggested, Retail prices as shown above; nickel plated pipes $550.00,  unplated $375.00.

Jim Stein and Jon Fate McGill of J & J engineering, are now beginning  an all new pipe company for our Hodaka,s.  These pipes are built to expert specs and fully tested.  If you wish to know more about the pipes and their exciting ride and test program before buying, contact  Jim Stein , or Jon Fate McGill 1–559–936–2647, for prices and info.  More pipes to come in the future as testing allows.  Great guys,  more good news for those looking for trick pipes for other brands,  testing now going on as we speak.   Now in production, tested ready to go   Honda 74/75 cr 125,, early Suzuki rm 125  working on Yamaha, at1.  keep watching FOR MORE.  

NEWS – January 4, 2018


2018 January 4th we are now please be sure bookmark the page or copy and save the link ! We will be the same quality information site and some parts availability too.

New Hodaka Parts page is a copy of the

PABATCO – Booklet for ACE 90 Race Parts

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Bruce Young


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FYI–  My  good friend Terry Larson, and his wife, have taken over the Hodaka-Parts Inc,  and Strickly Hodaka  and are moving all stocks to the new location in Union,  Missouri,  They will take orders after today, 1–314–413–5635   This is a wonderful opportunity to support a great new couple whom are committed to make the Hodaka parts buying experience even better than ever before prior to 2018.  Give them a try or call.  I wish to thank Dan Jennings for his efforts to help the Hodaka world, as best he could, when he took over from Bill Cook.   Bruce Young.


HODAKAPARTS.COM has been chosen by an all new company called Preston Petty Accessories, of Dallas, Texas to help them sell their new line of new S-Hex Grips, first of many new things to come from Preston and his crew.  See  the new page on this web site for the info and pictures of this new grip, available now, just call 1–208–571–2823  Bruce.    RETAIL–$19.95 pair + shipping.  Order today,  give this new generation product a try, tell your friends !!!!!

Hodaka Days 2017 trip

The 2017 Hodaka Days trip, was fantastic, great to see all our old/new customers and friends, and just visit. It was the most successful sales weekend we have ever had, I hope that this is a sign there is a great future ahead in the Hodaka World, it was exciting to meet so many new Hodaka owners and new Hodaka people, they are our future, and it looks good. Lets all lead them and help them within the Hodaka World as we know it, many have never heard of Hodaka before and will need lots of help. Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend.

The brand CZ will return in Loket

Courtesy of Youthstream

Domenik Prochaska

The Italian-Czech society, s.r,o. which has the headquarter in Slusovice, Czech Republic, is the owner of the brand CZ. Alessandro Ferrari who is the owner of the company and a big fan of motocross has prepared a 300cc two-stroke bike with the CZ brand to compete the European Championship EMX300 in Loket.

The brand CZ will be back on the motocross scene after 30 years.

This bike has Italian technology and it was finalised in Czech Republic with Czech components.

Between 1958 and 1983 the brand CZ was in the FIM Motocross World Championship with the official Team ČZ Strakonice. The CZ was very strong with the two-strokes but in 1958 the company started with the four-stokes, unsuccessfully.

The CZ factory riders achieved a total of 7 world titles: In 250cc the Belgian Joel Robert won 3 titles in 1964, 1968 and 1969 and one title was won by the Russian, Victor Arbekov in 1965. In the 500cc’s, 3 titles were won by the German rider Paul Friedrichs. In 1975 then the Czech Republic Team composed by Antonin Baborovký, Jiri  Churavý, Miroslav Novacek  and Zdenek Velky won the Motocross des Nations and that was the biggest success for Czech republic in motocross.

The last time a CZ bike was competing in the FIM Motocross World Championship was in 1985 at its home GP in Holice. The production of this bike stopped in 1991.

In those years big names such as Roger de Coster, Gaston Rahier, Sylvain Geboers, Jaroslav Falta, Miroslav Soucek, Vlastimil Valek, Petr Buono, George Stodůlka, Otakar Toman, Vladimir Kavínová, Guennadi Moisseev and many others rode a CZ bike.

Dave Bickers3